Our professional team members - includes some of the best engineers who have gain highly valuable overseas experiences and some mid-level technicians who have achieved professional level of competency have been involved in various projects around the world: from Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America until the Asia Pacific Region, with deep knowledge in vendors equipment comprising characteristics from the following well-known companies:
As a reference, we quote the various projects in which our core engineers has engaged and gained significantly valuable experiences, such as in:
Project Bidding
-Lucent Hong Kong (3G)
-Lucent Hungary
-Lucent Indonesia
-Lucent Philippines
-Lucent Turkey

New Network Deployment
- Excelcomindo , Indonesia
 - Indosat , Indonesia (about 200 In-building coverage/IBC solutions)
- China Unicom (CDMA), China
- Komselindo (CDMA), Indonesia
- One.Tel , Australia

RF / Transmission Network Planning
Lucent Australia Lucent Turkey

Network Optimization (GSM / CDMA)
China Unicom , China
Excelcomindo , Indonesia
Indosat-M3, Indonesia
Lucent Australia
Lucent Brunei

 witching / Access
Excelcomindo , Indonesia
  Komselindo , Indonesia
Telkom , Indonesia

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