Telecommunication Services / Consultancy:

Network Design We are supported by a team that shows proven excellence in the following area:

RF Planning
 Initial Network Design including issued search ring
Frequency planning

Transmission planning
As an integrated part of network dimensioning, our team has also proficiency in delivering most optimum transmission link design that considers: Cost Efficient factor, reliability factor, feasibility factor. Our technical proficiency covers various type of transmission systems such as microwave, fiber optic, copper type access such as HDSL, ADSL, etc.

Site Survey We are supported by a team that shows proven excellence in the following area:

RF Survey
Candidate selection and assessment
Antenna placement, azimuth, height, mounting and type
Feeder running
Space and power supply availability

Transmission survey
Line of Sight (LOS) survey
Space of antenna availability
Space of equipment availability

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Scan
Frequency channels availability
Existing Frequency interference
Point-to-point scan
Circular scan for green-field

 Tools :

  1. Advantest, U3771 Field-use Microwave Spectrum Analyzer with built-in preamp, Freq.range: 9kHz – 31.8 Ghz
  2. Schwarzbeck BBHA 9120D broad-band horn antenna 1-18 Ghz
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS) V, compass
  4. Laptop
  5. Binoculars

Deployment Network & Information System
We provide turnkey services supported by methodology and process that enable Lakemba to meet the specific qualities required by customers.

Installation, Test and Commissioning
- Installation, Test & Commissioning BTS
- Installation, Test & Commissioning Microwave
- Installation, Test & Commissioning Fiber Optic
- Installation, Test & Commissioning Power System
- Installation Antenna Cellular and Microwave
- Installation, Test & Commissioning RF and Microwave cables
- Installation of In-building solution system
- Antenna alignment for both RF and Microwave

 Information System (IS) Solution
Supported by reliable partners and products, Lakemba is capable to provide IS solutions to answer various challenges in mobile operators business. The IS solutions we provide are as follows:
- Billing and Customer Care
- E-care
- Billing of interconnection traffic
- Partner Relationship Management
- Business Intelligent (datawarehouse, analytical datamarts, reporting,..)
- Fraud Management
- Revenue Assurance
- Mediation
- Access Network Management (inventory, provisioning, faults,…)
- Geographic Information System

Network Optimization
To improve the quality and re-dimensioning the resources, the network needs to be optimized, as follows:
- Network Auditing (Hardware and Software database)
- Data Collection (Drive Test and Statistic)
- Problem finding and troubleshooting
- Network Benchmarking
- RF Optimization

PT. Lakemba Citra Indonesia, 2006